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$4 generic drug program

Why Choose Us

Jackson Park Pharmacy is at your service every business day with affordable quality medications, medical equipment, healthcare supplies…

Why Choose Us

Transfer your prescription to Jackson Park Pharmacy for helpful convenience:

  • Your prescriptions always ship for FREE
  • Convenient internet refill requests
  • All pharmacists always screen for possible drug interactions that may be harmful
  • Order refills with our online ordering system
  • We can deliver your prescriptions to all 50 States.
  • Patients may subscribe to receive Pharmacy Email Reminders – helps you remember when your maintenance medications are due for a refill.  You never run out of medication supply and ensure the continuity of your intake plan.

There are definitely tens of thousands of pharmacies across the country or even more.  But of them all, why should you choose us?

We will give you some of the reasons while you may also ask those who have great experiences with us.

Here’s why:

  • professional, excellent and quick, reliable, and cost efficient pharmacy services
  • pharmacists and all the other staffs whose personality envelope the traits of good communicators and possess good interpersonal skills
  • experienced and trained pharmacists with leadership skills
  • a well-organized team of pharmacy technicians
  • pharmacy consultants with great analytical skills
  • a staff that practices ethics and will promote the safety of your private information

Jackson Park Pharmacy is not only trusted in terms of expertise and professionalism.  But what costumers love about us, is our dedication to them – consequently this becomes our dedication to you.

Our passion to help you and our genuine care and kindness to each and every customer is what brings more customers to our doorstep year after year.

You are very welcome here at Jackson Park Pharmacy and we look forward to helping you.  Call 956-292-0404 or email to get started.

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We Accept:

  • CHIP
  • Most Insurances
  • Cash and Major Credit Cards
  • Snap Food Benefit

Operating Hours:

Monday - Friday
9AM - 6PM
Saturday and Sunday