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What is Compounding?

Long before drugs were manufactured in mass quantities, pharmacists compounded medications in their labs. Today, as healthcare professionals and patients are finding a limited number of strengths and dosage forms, the demand for professional compounding is increasing.

When off -the-shelf prescriptions cannot meet their needs, patients may find that they have a better response to a customized dosage made specifically for their body’s needs.

As one of the nation’s most experienced and longest running compounding pharmacies, you can trust our specialty trained pharmacists to provide faster turnaround times, personal patient care and the highest quality you can count on.

Jackson Park Pharmacy can compound Medications that are:

  • Discontinued by the manufacturer
  • Unavailable in the desired dosage form
  • Higher or lower strength than existing products
  • Not economically feasible to manufacture
  • In flavors or dosage forms that match the breed of the animal
  • Customized to the exact needs of the patient
  • Topical Medication – applied to the inner ear
  • Medications suitable in both flavor and strength of dose
  • Medications for pediatric patients, we compound the medication in a form children will tolerate
  • Discontinued or backordered medications that are not commercially available
  • When needed, we can provide dye-free, filler free or other customized options
  • A wider variety of dosage forms such as gels, troches, lotions, sprays, chewies and more

Flavored Medications

Jackson Park Pharmacy compounds tasty medications that are just the right size, shape, and consistency for domestic or exotic animals. Various flavors are available – such as fish for cats, beef or liver for dogs, tutti frutti for birds, banana for exotics, etc. We can also appropriately color medications to make them more appealing to exotic species.

Easy to Use Doses

Whether it’s a medicated treat, liquid concentrate, or a yummy flavor that’s needed, we can help! Tablets or injectables can be reformulated into suspensions or transdermal gels. We can compound medications into specialized dosage forms and shapes to cater to individual preferences – such as ear drops, rectal suppositories, topical sprays, and dusting powders. Have you ever thought of applying medication to the inside of a animals ear for systemic absorption? Transdermal delivery is particularly useful in patients who should not be stressed due to cardiovascular or hypertensive problems, and owners no longer have to risk injury from a resistant animal.

Unique Dispensing Devices

Diplomat offers a variety of unique dispensing devices to simplify administration and improve compliance. For example oral and topical syringes provide a simple means of accurately measuring and administering medication, and are particularly useful when the dose is fluctuating. Accordion like puffers are ideal for applying powder to difficult-to-reach areas like the ear canal. A dauber bottle is excellent for topical application such as painting medication on a hoof. Sustained release dosage forms can be compounded.

Unavailable Medications

When medications are temporarily out-of-stock or discontinued, or when human preparations are removed from the market, it can limit veterinary options. Using the highest standards, precision equipment, and quality bulk chemicals, Diplomat can usually compound the needed medication.

Combination Preparations

If there are no chemical incompatibilities or stability concerns, we can combine various medications into a single preparation. This can simplify administration and is often more cost effective than using numerous drugs from several different sources.

Ideal Strength & Size

Diplomat can create a preparation which contains the most appropriate dosage for a specific animal. There’s no need for clients to administer partial tablets, dilute solutions, or give high volume doses. We make medicine that is easier to administer and often more economical.

Prescription Medication

Jackson Park Pharmacy provides prescription medication compounding. We can adjust the dosage, flavor, form and additives to your medication so that it better suits your tastes or preferred manner of intake.

At times, we use compounding methods to recreate a drug that is no longer commercially available. We take guidance and authorization from the physician for our compounding services. Please make sure to ask your physician for a valid prescription if you want to take advantage of our compounding services.

Medication for Children

Children are prone to sickness. With their healthy curiosity, they may not be aware of where and how they acquire germs. They get flu and viruses very frequently all the year round from playmates, pets and countless other situations. They seem not to mind being ill but they do greatly mind being remedied especially if it involves taking medicines that taste bitter. They would kick, run and do just about anything to avoid it. Parents can relate to this and wouldn’t it be so much better if there was another way to make your kids take their medication without throwing a fit?

Funny it may be and sometimes upsetting, but for children to take their meds is necessary. They have to take it to be cured. No you have not run out of tactics to make them take it for there is still one way you may not have tried – compounding. Jackson Park Pharmacy skillfully provides compounding services for children.

In no time, you’re children will be taking their medication and will be running and playing again. You know your child may get sick at some point or any time again this year when the flu season kicks in. Be prepared, have their prescriptions compounded to avoid another tantrum when it’s time for them to take their medicine.

Compounding services for kids’ medication can also be used for vitamins and nutritional supplements.

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